Mar. 28, 2009 Photo Eight

By: Richard T Haines

Mar 28 2009

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Category: Geometric Composition, Wide Depth of Field

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Focal Length:22.5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This falls under the heading of what, “guerrilla photography”? I don’t know who this  person is, I just saw her with her dog, and it was too perfect to miss, and too perfect to spoil the honesty of the moment. I would have felt bad if you could see who the woman was and I hadn’t asked. But you can’t, so I don’t. There’s certainly a question here about what is and what isn’t appropriate, one I think I’ll have to debate with my class some day soon.

I wonder if someday someone will look at the picture and tell me they know who she is? And will that make me feel different about it?


One comment on “Mar. 28, 2009 Photo Eight”

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