Apr. 13, 2009 Photo Twenty-four

By: Richard T Haines

Apr 17 2009

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Category: Texture

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Focal Length:7.5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

It’s ben a rough week. I’ve had no internet at home due to my own attempts to set up my modem in a different room of the house, and my subsequent “X-Box distraction syndrome” keeping me from putting it back together. But despite my XDS, I have continued to take my pictures and now have them all backed up on my Jump drive. So I’ll catch up as best I can, one post at a time, when I have a few moments at work. After all, while it is nice to have a new post up each day, the only thing important is that there be one picture a day. I imagine I’d have posting delays crop up from time to time. Especially if I ever go away on a vacation, wouldn’t that be nice?


One comment on “Apr. 13, 2009 Photo Twenty-four”

  1. I know there rice crispies but they also look like some kind of larva. Yuck!

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