Apr. 16, 2009 Photo Twenty-seven

By: Richard T Haines

Apr 17 2009

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Category: Color

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Focal Length:7.5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

What you may or may not have noticed is I like to skew my balance a little in photographs. I’ll often orient things just a little crooked to make my compostion just a little off. I’ve been doing it for a long time now, but only really recognized the trend in the last few months. Since recognizing the habit I’ve taken to finding lines (like the roof in this picture) to orient on. Making the roof run parrallel to the top of the frame, and therefore letting everything else tilt a little unnaturally. There’s just something about looking at the world on an angle that really does something for me.

This was a fabulous photography day, I have several rejected photos that will show up on the sister blog Rejected Photos later on. I loved the colors, blue skies, red doors, a splash of green. I loved the textures in the different garage doors. And of course I loved the car parked in front of the “No Parking” signs. Classic.

As of this moment I am caught up again. Except of course I haven’t posted todays picture, because I haven’t taken one yet. So that will probably show up along with the weekends photos sometime later. I really need to beat my XDS and hook up my modem at home again.


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