Apr. 22, 2009 Photo Thirty-three

By: Richard T Haines

Apr 22 2009

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Category: Shallow Depth of Field

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Focal Length:7.5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I know, I know, two black and white photos in just one week, I’ve gone crazy. But I find with this busy week I have been hard-pressed to get pictures done, so I resolved to do today’s picture done early. I like these lampost heads, and the look of them made me start to think about the heads of Steam-era sci-fi robots. Or at least, what I would like to think that the heads of steam-era sci-fi robots should look like.

I am going to start revamping my categories pretty soon here. Labelling them not with “good day” or “bad day” but rather with the name of the compositional tools ot techniques they utilize. It’s not that I shoot with specific techniques in mind, they are sort of engrained upon me at this point. But this way I can see what techniques I am using the most, which I don’t use and can provide these as examples for my students. Maybe. They have a test coming up, and I may want to give then some things they can look up at home. But I may not want to share this with them. I haven’t decided yet.


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