June 16, 2009 Photo Eighty-six

By: Richard T Haines

Jul 09 2009

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Category: Emotional Response


Focal Length:5.7mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This photo is of a sculpture by Laura Neily. The sculpture has been my “ward” for a few years, and alas, this year, while another teacher used my classroom, a student discovered therapy in the form of punching the poor clown’s face in. Or he was a jerk. I prefer to think he cathartically reached a more enlightened state though. 

Sorry Laura. 

On an interesting note, the sad clown look went really well with the battered clown look.


2 comments on “June 16, 2009 Photo Eighty-six”

  1. Hmm. I like the category you placed this picture in, I find it very fitting indeed. Because the mixture of emotions I experienced upon viewing this was as follows:

    (a) a pang of mild sadness for the violent demise of my “masterpiece”
    (b) a feeling of impressedness at the quality of your photo
    (c) quite a lot of mirth at the absurdity of the whole situation
    and (d) a stange sense of pride that my creation was given such a dramatic and passionate farewell, rather than just being tossed in a dumpster on cleaning day or summat.

    RIP, teenage angst embodiment clown. You lived a pretty good one.

  2. This clown totally had it coming.

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