September 3, 2009 Photo One Hundred and Fifty-three

By: Richard T Haines

Sep 05 2009

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Category: Emotional Response

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Focal Length:13.7mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

So, I joked with Morgan that I was going to use this picture. But I don’t know if she realized that I really might have used it. I was going to ask permission, but then I realized that if I had never asked for permission from anyone before I shouldn’t start now. So instead I’ll ask forgiveness. And by forgiveness I mean I’ll send her the link to this page and hope she thinks it’s funny. 

Good plan eh?

One comment on “September 3, 2009 Photo One Hundred and Fifty-three”

  1. Hello
    Very interesting blog site, you have some absolutely stunning photographs..however this one in particular is quite interesting.. see the deep shades of brown in this young lady’s eyes just oozing unshakable innocence and the frazzled ends of her hair showing a wild and untamable essence, in contrast.
    May I have a copy please?

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