September 25, 2009 Photo One Hundred and Seventy-two

By: Richard T Haines

Sep 28 2009

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Category: Color, Emotional Response, Texture

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Focal Length:5.7mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

A little surgical aftermath. The doctor was fine with me taking a quick picture, all in the name of art. Actually, it was great as he asked me if I was a medical artist, and I was forced to put into words (as best I could) my interest in the more biological aspects of my art. I refer at the moment to my drawings, not the photographs on this site.

We went on to discuss Frank Netter, a medical artist of great repute, all the while as the doctor continued his surgery and sewed me up. As I said in another blog on the same topic, never let anything, not even a scalpel stand in the way of the things you take an interest in. Unless the scalpel is in the hands of a crazy person in which case I suggest you run.

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