December 5, 2009 Photo Two Hundred and Fifteen

By: Richard T Haines

Dec 14 2009

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Category: Blurred Motion, Texture

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Focal Length:17.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I was in Moncton for a day, and took so many pictures. I took pictures of steam blasting out of pipes, and the kids on rides at Crystal Palace, and after everything else, the photo I took that drew me in the most was this one. The one that got away.

I had been looking at the photography of Ivan Puig, and the Impressionistic quality of his photographs taken out of focus. I had tried my hand at it a few times, but without success. And then, in my rush to get this pigeon I had startled, it happened. Or at least I feel that it happened. The energy of the moment, the feeling that something is missed, the fleeting quality of the subject. I just love it.


One comment on “December 5, 2009 Photo Two Hundred and Fifteen”

  1. Interesting concept.

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