February 11, 2010 Photo Two Hundred and Fifty

By: Richard T Haines

Feb 26 2010

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Category: Color, Geometric Composition, Texture

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Focal Length:13.7mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The big 250-

I suppose I should have reached this point a while ago. The real date right now as I update the site (with pictures taken on the day for which each post is named) is Feb. 26. So I’m not as far behind right now as I have been in the past. in fact, uploaded on the computer are enough pictures that if I find enough time to post will bring me up to the 24th. Which would be nice.

But, the point I’m getting at, is I have been doing this for nearly a year, I started, I believe at around Mar. 12, 2009, which means by now, if I had been good I would have gotten up to well over three hundred pictures. Oh well, no ones perfect. The problem is that while I could easily take a picture each day, the goal is to focus on composition with my little Kodak pocket camera, not to take a bunch of candids. I guess I’ll just have to keep trying, see where things take me.

I will however be commemorating the one year anniversary of the blog with a few weeks of “guest camera” shots. Meaning I plan to spend a week shooting with a different type of camera each week for three or four weeks, ranging from my iphone to a polaroid, if I can find my film.

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